Cerulean Archer

The Rare Diamond Princess

*Original story by Jena Withrow age: 8

formatted version (original text below):

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl. The rumors said she's made out of diamonds. It's true The Pearl Prince heard the rumors, he wanted to marry her and lock her in the dungeon for life so she wont get out. The rumors also said that in dungeons her hair turns diamond blue. His plan was to pull out her diamond hair to sell.

The Pearl Prince saw the beautiful girl sitting on a rock, singing a beautiful song. He ran to her and convinced her to marry him. She stared shyly at him and ran away to The Diamond Kingdom. At the Diamond Kingdom there were diamond people, the princess was not shy around the diamond people because they are the sweetest people she has ever met. She thought it was wise to go in a cave and explore.

Then the Emerald Prince came to the cave with his little brother Jake. He saw the girl and she saw him. She got scared, but she thought the Emerald Prince was cute. She ran away to the Diamond Kingdom again with the diamond people, but the diamond people ran away because the Emerald Prince and the Pearl Prince found her. They all went to the cave and now she has to pick who she's going to marry: the Pearl Prince or the Emerald Prince.

Who will she pick?

"Marry me!" the Pearl Prince said.

"No, marry me?" the Emerald Prince asked politely.

The girl picked the Emerald Prince! "No!" the Pearl Prince sobbed. She knew what the Pearl Prince was up to. And then, she punched the Pearl Prince.

Then the day came when the Emerald Prince would wed the beautiful diamond girl. "Do you, Prince Emerald, take this girl to be your lawfully wedded wife?" asked the priest.

"I do." said Prince Emerald.

"Do you, Princess Diamond, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" asked the priest.

"I do." said Princess Diamond.

"Sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob" sobbed Prince Pearl.

"You may kiss." said the priest. After the wedding, Prince Emerald moved Emerald Kingdom to Diamond Kingdom. Now it's Emerald and Diamond Kingdom. The Diamond and Emerald people celebrate their new rulers: King Emerald and Queen Diamond. And now they lived happily ever after.


raw original text version:

once upon a time there was a beutyful girl the roomers said shes made out of dimins it's true the perl prince herd the roomers he wanted her to marry him and lock her in the dungen for life so she wont get out the roomers also said in dungens her hair turns dimin blue he would go to her to pull her hair to sell .the perl prince saw her siting on a rock singing a beutyful song he ran to her and convinsted to marry him she stared shyliy at him and ran away to the dimin kingdom there were dimin people there she was not shy to the dimin people because she knows them there the seetest people shes ever met . she thout it was whise to go in a cave then the emrld prince came to the cave with his little brother jack. he saw her and she saw him she got scard but she thout the emrld prince was cute but she ran away to the dimin kingdom agien with the dimin people but the dimin people ran away because the emrld prince and the perl prince fond her they all went to the cave and now she has to pick who shes going to marry the perl prince or the emrld prince . who will she pick ? " marry me ! " the perl prince said . " no marry me " the emrld prince said she picked .the emrld prince ! " no ! " the perl prince sobbed she knew what the perl prince was up to . and then she punshed the perl prince then the day when the wedding stared " do you prince emrld take this girl to be your laffley wedded wife " said the preast " I do " said prince emrld " do you princess dimin take this man to be your laffley wedded husbind " said the preast " I do " said princess dimin " sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob " sobbed prince perl " you may kiss " said the preast . after the wedding prince emrld moved emrld kingdom to dimin kingdom now its emrld and dimin kingdom the dimin and emrld people celabrate there new rolers king emrld and qween dimin and now they lived happly ever after . THE END .
Cerulean Archer

A little personal

Someone's talk about getting a new job after being unemployed for 4 months got me thinking about things and I felt the need to share. And for me, sharing means putting it out on the internet where no one who personally knows me will ever find it. I've had a lot happen in my life in the past 5 years. I've moved 5 times across 4 cities in 3 different states, albeit connected. I've gotten married, had a child, bought a house, lost my job, racked up $10,000 in credit card debt, personal loans, overdraft fees, had my house foreclosed upon, got a new job, declared bankruptcy, been ranked #1 in my district of 15 stores in our reviews as an arcade game technician, am living (nearly) debt free for several months, and starting to think I have an addiction to the internet/City of Heroes (note: not the direct cause of any of the negative things on this list).

I'm thankful to my wife and daughter who have put up with me through all this, they are a handful, but I can't imagine life without them. I'm also thankful to the City of Heroes community, I'm not a social person by any means - in the 2 years living in this area, I've only had one person aside from family over to our apartment, and he's technically my boss. I'm also thankful for my job, it couldn't have come soon enough, it's taken me a long time to recover and it's wholly thanks to this job. I really do enjoy it. That is all.
Cerulean Archer



mere buttons on a phone
meaningless by themselves
but in the right form can
mean so much.

A connection to a person
so far away
or so close by.

Yet for me, still so far

Ten little buttons
so easy to press,
yet still so hard to dial.
To call, perchance to talk.
Or at least listen to
the person sitting on the other end.

A friend.
A love.
Or something different.
Just someone to talk to
about my day
my problems

But the numbers sit
And the phone at the other
end never rings.
They never knew
that I needed to talk
but couldn't find the strength
to press seven little buttons.
Cerulean Archer

The Road Taken

two roads diverged in a wood
and I, I took the one less traveled by
and that has made all the difference

-Robert Frost

The Road Taken

two roads lay before me
but neither one in a wood
just ahead, leading me away
from where I was to where
I must go.

I looked down both as far
as I could
but I could not see where
they would take me.

And I thought of Frost
and the road less traveled by
would that make all the difference?

But I could not tell which one
was less traveled by
for they were both paved
and not in Robert's wood.

So I sat and thought
which one I should travel
for they both looked
quite the same
and neither looked
very welcoming.

How I longed for the
leaf-covered paths
what a choice that would make!

But here I am
in front of an intersection
and I - I took the road
that led to the wood
and that has made all the difference
I could ever want.
Cerulean Archer



Golden light would shine
from the scales along
his body.
The ground would
tremble if he would only
take a step.

Yet he sleeps.

Hidden away from the world.
One that would fear him
kill him
use him.

Thousands of lives
think of him
read about him
imagine him.

Yet he sleeps.
Cerulean Archer



Sometimes it feels
like I'm only happy
these days
when I'm by your side.

When I'm with you
I'm feel like I'm not alone.
But then I remember
that I really am alone
because I can't be with you.
At least not the way I want.

When I see your smile
I can't help but grin.
But it also haunts me that
I can't reach out and press
those beautiful lips to mine.

When I hear your voice
I want to close my eyes
and listen to every word.
Even when you tell me
I'm too quiet.
But I know the words I want
to hear will never reach my
ears. At least not from you.

And I know the time will come
all too soon.
When we say goodbye.

I smile through held back tears.
We promise to see each other again

But we're still only friends
and that's all we'll ever be
and all I want
is all I'll never have.
Cerulean Archer



"When you're there
I sleep lengthwise.
And when you're gone,
I sleep diagonal in my bed"


It's been too long since I've slept
I spread out as far as I can
so the bed doesn't feel quite so

But it doesn't always work
when I open my eyes
and look at the tilted clock
staring at me
with blurry numbers.

I blink back the tears
they won't win over this time.
Not now, not tonight.
But then tonight is just like
every other night
as I lie here
corner to corner
without you.
Cerulean Archer

The Stare

the stare

I look at her from afar.
her eyes stare off to
the distance
like a dream.

She smiles
a sort of crooked smile
which she tries to cover
up with her hand
but I saw it
and it makes me smile.

Her head turns my way
I turn my head
she never noticed.
looking back,
she is getting up to leave.

I want to say "wait."
shout "what's your name?"
but I just watch her leave
and order another.
Cerulean Archer



I can't see them
but I know they're there
going up as far as I can see
and farther.

Pulling me along my life
making my decisions for me
so I don't have to

I don't want them anymore

I tried to cut them off
tied to my wrists.

There's nothing left to hold
me up anymore.
So I fall
in a heap

I see the strings now
falling from the sky
the red strands falling
ever outward

As I slowly watch until
it stops.
Cerulean Archer



The image before me

Until it becomes one
with the background
like so many others
that happened upon

I can still see it
if I close my eyes
tightly enough

her face.